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Meet The Artist

Tylor Hurd Is An Artist and designer. She Was Born on January 12,1998 in Watts, California, one of the worst neighborhoods in southern Los Angeles.

She has loved to draw and create characters since she was a child, but did not know it was a true talent until her Mother sent her to a performing arts high school in Downtown L.A., Even though Tylor did not want to go this school nor did she pass her academic classes here, this is where she first learned how to paint, do digital designing, make pottery, etc. However, She did not find love for painting until her Junior year in 2015 when she moved to Georgia, and art was no longer a grade for her and was once again a peaceful hobby. Tylor Graduated high school in Spring of 2016, and by winter she had already had a large following on Instagram and began painting on clothes and selling them which inspired her to start a website.

Tylor work is like none you may have ever seen before, her characters are original and always a vibrant color, when you ask her to describe her work you may get a blank stare or she’ll tell you “I just draw whatever pops up in my head, I don’t have any inspirations, I draw what I feel when I put my pen to the paper.”, and when you look at her paintings you can definitely see emotions spilled out all over, each one so different from the last.


She is as independent as they come starting and running her own, very successful, business for almost 3 years now, and she’s not even 21 yet!! Even when she is being tested with a lot of downfalls, she doesn’t let any of it stop her and she does not mind letting her followers and supporters know when she is at a low point. “I don’t mind letting people know my struggles and downfalls thats what makes me human, I want my supporters to know whats going on, and I don’t want to be looked at as anything higher than a human struggling to do what I love.”


We hope you guys look forward to seeing more of her creations, because she sure looks forward to creating for a while! If you’re not too familiar with her work you can see more on her Instagram @730t

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